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Guide To Play Draw No Bet in Football Betting

Football betting is a favorite pastime for many. In every match, there are various types of bets for you to choose from. Popular options include over/under bets, Asian handicap, corner bets, and among them is the Draw No Bet, a favorite among many. This article will provide some information about this type of bet and effective strategies soccer tips king to use!

What is the Draw No Bet?

The Draw No Bet, also known as DNB or 2-way bet, is a popular Asian handicap that many players seek out nowadays. Simply put, Draw No Bet means that the favored team will give a 2-goal handicap to the underdog when the match begins.

The odds for this bet are displayed on the boards of all online bookmakers in Vietnam and worldwide. Most bookmakers offer this Draw No Bet option for all matches.

For instance, if Team A is the favorite and Team B is the underdog, the calculation for a Draw No Bet is as follows:

If Team A wins by a margin of 3 goals or more, those who bet on Team A win the bet, and those who bet on Team B lose.

If Team A wins by a margin of 2 goals, it's considered a draw, and the bet is refunded.

If Team A wins by only 1 goal, those who bet on Team A lose, and those who bet on Team B win.

If the match ends in a draw or Team B wins, those who bet on Team A lose their entire bet, and those who bet on Team B win.

The Draw No Bet is a type of football betting with highly attractive potential winnings. However, to win in this betting game, you need to have excellent playing experience.

Examples of Draw No Bet

Here are three specific examples provided by Bookmaker 1 to help you understand Draw No Bet better:

In the first example, let's say a player bets on the favorite team, Melioration Zhitkov Chi. If Melioration Zhitkov Chi wins by just 1 goal (1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.), the player loses the entire bet.

In the case of a match between Chelsea and Cardiff City, suppose a player chooses to bet on the underdog, Cardiff City, with $100. If Chelsea wins by 2 goals (2-0, 3-1, 4-2, etc.), it's considered a draw. In this scenario, the player receives back the $100 bet.

In the third scenario, Manchester City gives a 2-goal handicap to Lyon. Suppose a player bets $100 on the favorite. If Manchester City wins by 3 goals or more (3-0, 4-0, 4-1, etc.), the player betting on the favorite wins the bet. The total amount received would be $100 + $100 x 0.82 = $182 (including the original $100 bet).

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Experience in predicting perfect draw odds

For draw betting odds, this is a level of betting commonly seen in matches with significant differences, and usually the winning chances are solidly in favor of the leading team. However, to win the bet, the leading team must win by at least a 3-goal margin.

If the leading team wins by only a 1-goal margin, the player will lose the bet and lose all the betting money. Even winning by a 2-goal margin is considered a draw. Therefore, for matches like this, making a choice requires careful consideration, regardless of whether you analyze the odds or the underdog.

In general, this draw odds level between two significantly different teams requires careful consideration before placing a bet. You may wait until the match begins before placing your bet; however, it's not necessary to bet before kick-off. Below are some tips to help you effectively participate in betting, shared by reputable betting sites.

Understanding information about both teams

Draw betting is a challenging and risky type of bet. Therefore, players need to thoroughly research information about both teams to make a decision when choosing this type of bet.

Because draw bets are usually for strong teams with good attacking and scoring abilities, you should carefully research information such as head-to-head history, recent form, goal-scoring rates, players on the field, defensive and offensive strategies, etc. These pieces of information will help you make the most accurate decision for this type of betting.

Combine selections

For draw betting, you need to pay special attention when selecting teams according to the bookmaker's odds. Draw odds should only be considered for a match where the two teams are vastly different in skill level.

By understanding the teams, you can determine the leading and trailing teams. For example, in a match between the league leader and the underdog, you should definitely consider this draw bet to potentially win a large prize. However, if both teams have similar forms, you shouldn't risk this bet.

Avoid betting early

With draw betting, players should not risk placing bets before the match starts. It's best to place your bet within the first 15 minutes of the match to have a clearer picture.

Moreover, many bookmakers may change the odds at the last minute, preventing players from making changes, resulting in heavy losses. Especially, draw betting involves deep handicaps, requiring absolute accuracy. Therefore, you shouldn't risk this type of analysis based solely on bookmaker odds.

Keep a cool head

As the number one bookmaker mentioned, among all types of bets, draw betting is the most difficult and requires the best gaming experience. Therefore, you must always stay calm, think carefully before investing in this type of betting.

Absolutely do not follow the crowd because most of the time it's not correct. You need to thoroughly research information and think carefully before making a decision.

Many players fall into the bookmaker's trap, leading to not only no winnings but also heavy losses. To win in such deep betting situations, you need to stay calm. Don't play with emotions; quickly withdraw, as it only leads to heavier losses.

Choose the number one bookmaker

One of the most important secrets that players should not overlook is choosing a reputable bookmaker to follow. Many players make mistakes by choosing small, unreliable bookmakers. This reduces the player's winning odds. It can even lead to significant losses.

To avoid this situation, players should turn to large bookmakers to satisfy their passion for betting. Large bookmakers will always be fair and ensure that your winnings are credited to your account as quickly as possible. And the address of a reputable bookmaker you can refer to is a trustworthy bookmaker.

So, that's detailed information best betting tips app about draw betting odds and quick, effective betting analysis. Hopefully, through this, you can earn a large sum of money from these valuable experiences. Wish you enjoyable and lucky experiences!

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